Guidelines for Conscious Sedation & General Anaesthesia in Dentistry


We recommend any arrangement outside normal accepted practice is discussed with your medicolegal provider:

  1. Avant Medico-Legal

  2. MDA National

  3. Medical Indemnity Protection Society

Some Relevant Guidelines:

The guidelines when considering conscious sedation or general anasthesia in dental practice are list below and should form the primary source of information when establishing a service rather than any secondary sources such as our checklists or other information.

Primary Guidelines:

  1. PS09 2014/ANZCA - Guidelines on Sedation...for...Dental...Procedures

  2. Policy Statement 6.17 2014/ADA - Conscious Sedation in Dentistry

  3. Dental Board of Australia Guideline- Conscious Sedation...[in Dentistry]

Supportive Guidelines:

  1. PS55 2016/ANZCA - Facilities for Safe Administration of Anaesthesia

  2. PS4 2006/ANZCA - Recommendations for the...Recovery Room

  3. PS6 2006/ANZCA - Requirements for Anaesthesia Record

  4. PS7 2016/ ANZCA - Recommendations...Pre-Anaesthesia Consultation

  5. PS18 2015/ANZCA - Recommendations on Monitoring during Anaesthesia

  6. PS8 2016/ANZCA - The Assistant to the Anaesthetist

  7. PS15 2010/ANZCA - Perioperative Care 2016 ANZCA


These form part of the repository of professional standard documents released by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.