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PhD (Astronomy & Astrophysics)(ANU)


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Dr Wells is a specialist anaesthetist in Sydney, Australia; this webportal is for surgeons and dentists who wish to book his services and for his own patients who can complete health surveys and access a range of other information prior to their surgery.

Dr Wells is also the founder of Elite Anaesthesia, a convenient grouping of independent anaesthetists in Sydney who share a common interest in pursuing excellence in patient care in Anaesthesia and Pain Management. If you are a fellow anaesthetist, and of a similar philsophical disposition, you may be interesting in joining us in our work.

Dr Wells was originally an Astrophysicist having completed his PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics at Mount Stromlo Observatory located at the Australian National University, this also involved work at IPAC, Caltech in the United States as well as the Australia Telescope National Facility, Sydney. He afterwards spent time in France as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Universite de Paris-Sud. His original degree was in Aerospace Engineering.

However, after some formative experiences, he returned to study in the graduate program in Medicine at the University of Sydney, which he completed in 2001, graduating with the highest level of Honors and the K.C.T Rawle Surgical Prize. During his studies he spent some time visiting and studying at Space Medicine at UTMB and the University of Oxford. After graduation, Dr Wells spent several years as a house doctor at the Royal North Shore Hospital until he was accepted into the speciality training program for Anaesthesia at St George Public Hospital. This program required a commitment of an additional five years of postgraduate training to qualify as a specialist in Anaesthesia. His project on video laryngoscopes that formed part of his Fellowship may be of interest to some readers.

Dr Wells previously had a mix of public and private appointments, but now works exclusively in private hospitalsday surgeries and dental surgeries throughout Sydney with a selected range of surgeons, obstetricians, ophthalmologists and dentists. By personal choice, he is also a regular attendee at delivery suites in the local region.  

Dr Wells would be delighted to discuss with surgeons the strategies he has developed to assess, educate, inform and monitor their patients from before, during, and after their surgery. He also invites dentists to contact him regarding serving dental lists, and has developed a primer on setting up an appropriate service for conscious sedation or general anaesthesia in their own surgeries. Dr Wells has observed that patient satisfaction and positive feedback has increased markedly since implementation of this webportal which forms the backbone of the innovative and broad scope of his service; and can only assume that it addresses an unmet need. Patient satisfaction in every facet of their care is a strong determinant in the growth of any surgeon or dentist's practice.

Dr Wells has created several informational hubs to serve the interests of patients and surgeons, specifically Epidural Hub and Caesarean HubHe also founded and is director of an association of Anaesthetists, Elite Anaesthesia; be assured that if he cannot personally assist you then he can often find an anaesthetist who may be able to do so, either from this association or in the local area.

I look forward to meeting you.